Online Rheometer Systems


At GOTTFERT, we provide an array of Online Rheometer systems designed to provide real time viscosity, IV and melt index measurements. This online equipment is suited to monitor and control production and is also available in EX-Design (explosion proof).


Online Rheometer Capabilities

The online systems we offer enable you to generate and visualize process information about the molecular and rheological structure of polymers in real-time. They also provide the necessary data for higher level IT systems.


Additional capabilities include the simultaneous detection of the MFR/MVR value, flow exponent n (MW/Mn) and the viscosity spectrum. The IR/UV or FTNIR may also be determined. The Online Rheometer can be adjusted to perform as an At-Line Rheometer through the addition of an extruder as a melt feeder.


Please feel free to browse our selection of Online Systems below.


Mini Bypass Rheograph  


This Rheograph is compact in size with an approximate width of 150 mm. It can be installed in tight spaces without a problem. It is also lightweight at 30 kg, helping to prevent the need for expensive mounting. The unit has a new die change system that enables quick and easy die changes. This Rheograph has been designed for compounding and finishing processes that often involve frequent product changes and finds use in the food and drug industry, where measured material may not be reintroduced into the production stream.

Mini Bypass Rheograph-TD  


This unit is the first Online Rheometer that measures with three dies that are fed simultaneously, offering a broad shear rate range.

Side Stream Rheometer-Ex  


The SSR Rheometer provides one port hole installation and may be installed vertically or horizontally.. It allows for a quick and flexible installation to any existing bore hole of the Extruder.

This means a minimum of planning effort, low cost implementation, and no expensive modification of the Extruder with a suitable adapter plate is necessary

Real Time Rheometer RTR-RTS  


This Capillary Rheometer is utilized for online quality control. It is able to perform measurements on a continuous basis with one or two dies. Not only does the twin die option offer a greater shear rate range, but it offers other advantages as well. The unit is designed for use in production control and for monitoring low and high-viscosity polymers during raw material production and processing. Using an extra pump, material in the by-pass is exchanged much faster, which leads to receiving measurement points without much delay at all.

At-Line Rheometer M with-Receiving-unit  


The complete AT-LINE Station consists of a combination of melt feeder (= extruder without rheological extension) and rheometer (in common use, both units are also called AT-LINE RHEOMETERS, in short ALR), slit die, flat film unit and film quality testing system.


Online Sampler

We are not only competent to test materials, but also for feeding! Did you know, that we can serve our At-Line Stations and EXTRUSIOMETERs as well as our laboratory devices with granules, grit or powder even over wide distances without any problems?



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New mi2-series

The new modular designed devices of the mi2-series. For manual and automated measure-tests according to the ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 standards.
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melt indexer mi2.3

New X-trude series

The new extrusiometer of the X-trude series. Compact extrusiometers for laboratory application to measure and produce polymers, with various torque from 300Nm up to 1400Nm. »» more
Extrusiometer X-trude-300 MBR


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