Blown Film Unit 300 / 400 / 550


The Blown Film Unit is a compact unit for blowing, cooling, take off and wind up of extruded hoses. It is suitable for production of small films used by the food industry and in the packaging field where the application of big production machines is often not profitable.


Blasfolienanlage 400

  Key Features:

  • Roll width 320 / 420 / 570 mm

  • Flattening width 300 / 400 / 550 mm

  • Die dimension 30 / 50 / 60 mm

  • Take-off speed 0.1 - 50 m/min

  • Decoupling unit
    • Electronic presetting of the maximum traction force of 50 N
    • Controlled film take-off

  • Central lifting unit for easy height adjustment

Further optional features:

  • Dual-lip cooling ring

  • Air cushion with central adjustment

  • Film analysis system

  • Core-less, force controlled wind-up unit

  • Film rip control

  • Film border cutting

Product information:

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