Film Blowing Machine


At GOETTFERT, we provide a selection of film testing units that are highly customizable. We provide the highest quality base films for optical defect analysis, while able to offer other measurements, such as rheology, haze, gloss or thickness.


Film Blowing Machine Use

A major use of these film-blowing machines is to test the suitability of compounds and polymers in the laboratory. Additional uses pertain to incoming quality control to measure dispersion in batch processing on kneaders and extruders as well as controlling quality for gel, spot and color distribution.


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Blasfolienanlage 400 50px  

Blown Film Unit 300 / 400 / 550

This is a compact unit designed to cool, blow, wind up and draw out the extruded tubes. Alternative uses from those described above, for a film-blowing machine, include the production of small film tubes with varying thicknesses, and for applications mostly found in the food or packaging industry where a smaller size as we offer, is often a better fit compared to the use of large-scale extruders.


Flat Film Unit 300 / 400

This is a compact machine that combines the cooling, winding and take-off of flat films made from PP, PE and other types of plastics. In addition, it produces small films that have variable thicknesses that are used in the packaging industry and more specifically in the food industry where the use of large film production units does not provide the same efficiency.

At-Line Rheometer M with-Receiving-unit  


The Rheometer offers the ability to have constant control of the polymerization process of fine granules, pellets or powder. Significant rheological process information is produced on a continual basis for possible close loop process automation according to the rheological characterization of the material.



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New mi2-series

The new modular designed devices of the mi2-series. For manual and automated measure-tests according to the ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 standards.
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melt indexer mi2.3

New X-trude series

The new extrusiometer of the X-trude series. Compact extrusiometers for laboratory application to measure and produce polymers, with various torque from 300Nm up to 1400Nm. »» more
Extrusiometer X-trude-300 MBR


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