The VISCO-ELASTOGRAPH is used to determine the viscoelastic material behaviour in plastified state during vulcanisation and after vulcanisation of the material sample. For that purpose, the torsional load is imposed on the sample by the rotational oscillation of the lower test die half. Torque and phase angle are recorded as a function of the test die.


Elastomer Tester VISCO-ELASTOGRAPH   Key Features:

  • Tabletop, with integrated electronics

  • External PC with operating program RubberView for operation, program control and test data acquisition - no mechanical settings are required

  • The lower sine shapted test die half can be operated in oscillating movements at a frequency of 0.01 up to 100 Hz with an amplitude of ±0.01° to ±90° (Remarks: the achievable deflection is reduced with increasing frequency)

  • Manual setting of up to 20 steps via RubberView. Thereby the deflection, the frequency and the duration of each step can be set individually

  • A selection between various test dies is possible

  • Optional internal cooling of the test die for faster cool down of the sample to a lower test temperature after vulcanisation process

  • The possibility of normal force measurement enables the analysis of rubber foams and the effects of therein contained blowing agents.

  • Output of the vulcanisation speed and calculation of the maximum value

  • Ethernet port for data transfer to the control PC

  • Compact and service-friendly construction


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