Elastomer Testing Equipment


At GOETTFERT, we provide an array of equipment that performs Viscosity and Rheo-Kinematic Measurements. Capillary Rheometers and Curemeters complement each other to form a complete material characterization solution.

Elastomer Testing Products

Our line of elastomer testing products includes: Elastograph, Elastograph-S, Visco-Elastopgraph, Elastograph Autoloader, Mooney-Viscometer, Rubber Capillary Rheometer and Rheograph 25/50/75/120.

Our testing equipment is perfectly suited to determine a full rheological characterization of elastomeric compounds.


Elastomer Tester ELASTOGRAPH  


The Elastograph is a rotorless shear stress Vulcameter system that determines cross linking kinetics. It is useful for research and development of elastomers as well as producing tests that facilitate a fast product release.

Elastomer Tester ELASTOGRAPH-S  


The ELASTOGRAPH-S  is a rotorless rotational shear vulcameter with an extremely fast and homogeneous temperature control for the five different available reaction dies, so oscillating movements with an amplitude of deformation from 0,1° up to 4° can be reached. Speedy quality check according to ISO/DIN or for R&D. Optional is the autoloader which accommodates either 5, 10 or 30 samples

Elastomer Tester VISCO-ELASTOGRAPH  


The Visco-Elastograph provides a mechanical/dynamic testing method for characterizing viscoelastic material properties of basic and ready compounds, as well as of raw polymers. This unit provides testing that is accurate in defining polymer properties with the highest reproducibility and sensitivity.

Elastomer Tester ELASTOGRAPH-S Autoloader  


The optional Elastograph Autoloader system enables up to 30 test samples to be taken in sequence from the sample magazine to be tested between two film sheets in the test die.

Elastomer Tester MOONEY-VISKOSIMETER 9111  


The Mooney-Viskosimeter is a shearing disc viscometer used to determine the scorch characteristics and Mooney Viscosity recorded over time of unvulcanised rubber compounds and samples of synthetic rubber or pure natural rubber. It has a closed chamber and rotor.

Rubber Capillary Rheometer  


The Rubber Capillary Rheometer offers 2 testing modes – extrusion and injection molding. It is used in laboratory simulation of production processes with elastomers.

Capillary Rheometer Rheograph 120  

RHEOGRAPH 20 / 50/ 75 / 120

We also offer the Rheograph in 20, 50, 75 and 120 kN versions. The Rheograph 120 is a complete multifunctional unit for determining the flow and viscosity function of rubber compounds. It is also useful for optimizing the development of new blends. It is a 1, 2, or 3 test barrel system offering varying test barrel geometries. The unit offers a continual high test force of up to 120 kN.

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