Clean Room


Clean Room Trico-Ram  



A Ram Extruder uses the platform of a capillary reometer, a well proven testing instrument in the polymer industry


Clean Room Capillary Rheometer Rheograph 25E  


The Rheograph 25 E is based on a High Pressure Capillary Rheometer to determine the flow behaviour and the viscosity of thermoplastic products as well as the production of implants for the pharmaceutical industry. The device is being used in the research and development and in the production under clean room conditions.






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New mi2-series

The new modular designed devices of the mi2-series. For manual and automated measure-tests according to the ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 standards.
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melt indexer mi2.3

New X-trude series

The new extrusiometer of the X-trude series. Compact extrusiometers for laboratory application to measure and produce polymers, with various torque from 300Nm up to 1400Nm. »» more
Extrusiometer X-trude-300 MBR


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