Capillary Rheometer Products


At GOETTFERT, we provide a range of capillary rheometers that offer consistent and accurate measuring capabilities for properties such as shear stress, shear viscosity and shear rate. The technique of capillary rheometry involves placing a sample in a barrel and to extrude the heated sample through an extrusion die of defined dimensions. The pressure drop is then measured and viscosity calculated.

Capillary Rheometer Technology

We offer the RHEOGRAPH series of rheometers that provides the widest range of force, speed and options within the capillary rheometry product industry. We also offer a choice of single, twin and triple bore rheometers to provide time savings

The technology we provide to our customers is backed by 30+ years of experience in the industry. Our capillary rheology products deliver a high rate of user friendliness and automation. Nonstandard options are also available with these units.

Some distinct benefits of these capillary rheometer units include: adaptive signal processing, automatic pressure transducer detection and integrated color touchscreen. Industry standards for these units are met through our script capable database software LabRheo.

Some technical highlights include:

  • “Plug & Test” pressure transducer connectivity – no need for manual entries by the user
  • High dynamic acceleration of the test piston
  • Speed range is 0.00004 – 40 mm/s (1:1000000), RG20: 0.0001 - 40 mm/s
  • Single, twin or triple barrel system in 9.55, 12, 15, 20, 25 or 30 mm design – even mixed sizes possible
  • Adaptive Pressure Signal resolution down to only 0.005 % of full range
  • Displacement sensor with an encoder resolution of 0.0000016 mm (RG20: 0.000053 mm)
  • Temperature range up to 400°C (500°C optional) and display resolution 0.01°C

Feel free to browse our selection capillary rheology equipment below.

Capillary Rheometer Rheograph 20 Tischgeraet  


The new base scaled model, extendable by approved options The smallest one from the RHEOGRAPH family, our RHEOGRAPH 20, controlled with CANBus technology, was not only developed on modern 3D-construction workstations but of course also with the experience and potential from more than 30 years of the numerous generations before.

Capillary Rheometer Rheograph 120 2007 kl  

RHEOGRAPH 25 / 50 /75 / 120

Unparalleled speed range of 0.00004 - 40  mm/sec (= 1:1.000.000) is now available in single or multi barrel system configurations, opening up new possibilities in testing.



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