Rheology Measuring Equipment

GOETTFERT is one of the premier manufacturers of rheological measuring equipment for thermoplastic, thermosetting plastics, rubber and various other materials. We champion QUALITY in everything we do and every piece of equipment we manufacture. Our production process is governed by QM and TQM according to ISO 9000/9001. All electronic and mechanical components are manufactured to operate at the highest level of reliability, accuracy and performance.

Selection of Rheology Measurement Equipment

We offer a wide range of rheology measurement equipment that meets various important testing requirements. Our selection of high quality equipment includes Melt Indexers, Clean Room Lab Scale Piston Extruder and Clean Room Rheometer, Fully Automatic Melt Indexer, Elastomer Testing Machines, Capillary Rheometers, Melt Extensional Testers, Online Technology, Extrusiometry Equipment, Film Analysis Equipment.

All of the rheological systems we provide fulfill the highest industry standards and deliver reliability in measuring and testing capabilities. This equipment is tested to withstand continuous operation as needed by the operator.

In addition to supplying tailor made equipment per the needs of our clients, we also offer professional support and service that is transparent and timely.

Innovation of Rheology Measurement Equipment

Creativity, innovation and quality are at the core of what we provide. As a technological leader in rheology equipment, we are committed to continue the advancement of innovation that improves upon the product.

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If you have any questions about the rheology measurement equipment we offer, contact us today.

Browse through our product line below.

Melt Indexer
Trico-Ram Extruder MI-ROBO
Melt Index Clean Room
Mooney-Viskosimeter Rheograph Dehnrheometer
Elastomer Testing Capillary Rheometer Extensional Tester
RTR X-trude
Online Technology Extrusiometry Film Analysis



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New mi2-series

The new modular designed devices of the mi2-series. For manual and automated measure-tests according to the ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 standards.
»» more
melt indexer mi2.3

New X-trude series

The new extrusiometer of the X-trude series. Compact extrusiometers for laboratory application to measure and produce polymers, with various torque from 300Nm up to 1400Nm. »» more
Extrusiometer X-trude-300 MBR


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