GOETTFERT glossary of rheological terms

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Mooney Viscometer

Mooney Viscometer is a shearing disk viscometer, designed for accurate measurement of viscosity, scorch time and cure rates of elastomers. Ref: GOETTFERT’s MOONEY-VISCOMETER acc. ISO289 or ASTM D1646

Aliases (separate with |): Mooney Viscosity
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New mi2-series

The new modular designed devices of the mi2-series. For manual and automated measure-tests according to the ISO 1133 and ASTM D 1238 standards.
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New X-trude series

The new extrusiometer of the X-trude series. Compact extrusiometers for laboratory application to measure and produce polymers, with various torque from 300Nm up to 1400Nm. »» more
Extrusiometer X-trude-300 MBR


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