flat film unit 300/400

Flat Film Unit 300/400


Production control
  • For monitoring the dispersion performance of compounders or extruders used in batch production
  • For inspection of incoming goods for gels and color distribution
  • For control of the maximum polymer extensibility
  • To monitor the suitability of polymers or polymer blends in the laboratory
  • Serving a wide range of industry branches the compact design of this series offers a good alternative for the food and the packaging industry where large-scale production systems are often not profitable

Key Features:

  • Slit die widths 70/120/150/220/320/420 mm
  • Film width up to 400mm (more on request)
  • Pull off speed 0-50m/min
  • Winding roll diameter max. 600mm
  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Windup unit with split shaft for tubeless winding

Further optional features:

  • Flat Film Unit on movable frame
  • Air knife to cool the film
  • Thermostat for tempering the nip rolls
  • Edge remover
  • Film inspection (spots and inhomogeneities)
  • Film thickness measurement
  • Haze / Gloss measurement

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