Schmelzen-Dehnungsmessung, HAUL-OFF

Melt Tension Measurement, HAUL-OFF

The instrument is best used in combination with a suitable high pressure capillary rheometer (e.g. Rheograph 25, 75 or 120) where the device can be located close to the exit of the capillary. It may also be used with an Extrusiometer using a 90° deflection head (or exit) die.

Key Features:

  • Freely selectable draw off speed from 0 – 600 m/min, optional from 0-2000 m/min
  • Freely selectable acceleration, either in linear or in exponential mode
  • Anti-adhesion surface coated pull-off wheels
  • Measuring range up to 2 N, resolution 0,001 N
  • Software for setup, control, measurement and evaluation