Elastic and visco-elastic material properties are measured with the group of elastomer testing instruments. Dynamic measuring systems are focused on elastomers and are used in R&D, as well as QC.


Viscosity and rheokinematic measurements - A full program to complement Capillary Rheometers and Curemeters

The Elastograph is a rotorless shear stress Vulcameter system that determines cross linking kinetics. It is useful for research and development of elastomers as well as producing tests that facilitate a fast product release.
The ELASTOGRAPH-S is a rotorless rotational shear vulcameter with an extremely fast and homogeneous temperature control for the five different available reaction dies, so oscillating movements with an amplitude of deformation from 0,1° up to 4° can be reached. Speedy quality check according to ISO/DIN or for R&D. Optional is the autoloader which accommodates either 5, 10 or 30 samples.
The Visco-Elastograph provides a mechanical/dynamic testing method for characterizing viscoelastic material properties of basic and ready compounds, as well as of raw polymers. This unit provides testing that is accurate in defining polymer properties with the highest reproducibility and sensitivity.
The optional Elastograph Autoloader system enables up to 30 test samples to feed the Elastograph or Elastograph-S.
The Mooney-Viskosimeter is a shearing disc viscometer used to determine the scorch characteristics and Mooney Viscosity recorded over time of unvulcanised rubber compounds and samples of synthetic rubber or pure natural rubber. It has a closed chamber and rotor.
he Rubber Capillary Rheometer offers 2 testing modes – extrusion and injection molding. It is used in laboratory simulation of production processes with elastomers.